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Our 7 step process is designed with simplicity and our client in mind. We walk you through every step of the way. The process makes website creation simple and understandable for the client. At the same time the process makes it clear to your Web Solutions Designer what you want and expect.

Step 1: Client Needs Analysis Form

Fill out and submit our Client Needs Analysis Form.


Step 2: Client needs review.

At this point a Web Solutions Designer will be assigned to you. Your Web Solutions Designer will then review your submitted form and come up with a strategy for the design and creation of your site.


Step 3: Your First Consultation

Your Web Site Designer will contact you for the first time. During this consultation you Web Site Designer will go through the form with you line by line to get a better understanding of what you want from your site. At this time your Web Site Designer may also make suggestions for pages and content to be included on your site. A price for your site and a minimum deposit will be agreed upon also.


Step 4: Design Process

After receiving you deposit your personal Web Site Designer gets to work on your site. Through our Active Client Web Portal our clients can watch their site evolve day by day. There is also a Client Forum where you can offer suggestions for your site. These Forums are monitored by our Web Site Designers daily.


Step 5: Second Consultation

Your Web Site Designer will contact you once again when he/she has completed your site. They will walk through with you page by page and take note of any changes you would like. Most minor changes can be made while you watch.


Step 6: Rework

Your Web Site Designer will make all the last minute changes you've requested.


Step 7: Approval and Posting

Your web site will be presented to you for final approval. Once you have approved your site and we've received final payment your site will be posted to your domain.



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