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Domain Registration

Obtaining a domain name is the first step in creating your web presence. The domain name is the address people type in their web browser to get to your web site. With our domain registration service, you register your specific domain name to hold the right to use that specific domain name for a specified period of time, provided certain conditions are met and the registration (NIC) fees are paid. You as the "legal entity" are bound by the terms of all applicable domain registration Service Agreements. For more detailed information on Domain Registration click here.

Our service also allows you to search and determine your domain name availability quickly.  You can check name availability by clicking here.

Web Hosting

Powerful plans and affordable pricing make hosting with us a breeze!  All of our hosting plans are secure, backed by reliable architecture, and offers storage and data-transfer plans that can grow with your business.

We can also help you take the guesswork out of Web site analysis. With Traffic Facts™, a wealth of information is instantly at your fingertips, ready to track your site’s traffic patterns and help you to better understand the activity of your visitors.  For more detailed information on Web Hosting click here.

E-Mail Services

With our feature-rich POP3 e-mail services, you have secure, personalized and affordable e-mail accounts – filled with plenty of storage space for both businesses and individuals. The state-of-the-art Spam Xploder™ spam filter shelters you from incoming bulk mail.

And Web-Based Email, our Internet-based mail client, offers anywhere/anytime e-mail access, advanced features, and a smooth, user-friendly interface. Web-Based Email is free with all our POP3 e-mail accounts!  For more detailed information on E-mail Services click here.

E-mail Marketing

There’s an easy way for you to build and deliver permission-based email campaigns. QuickSizzle Email Maker & Mailer™ helps grow your mailing lists and effectively target campaigns to selected subscribers. Once a campaign message is sent, you can track response rates and subscriber activity through a series of in-depth reports.  For more detailed information on E-mail Marketing click here.

Web server ssl certificates (E-commerce)

Secure systems and customer trust build successful online business and our 128-bit SSL Web Server Certificates help assure both.  These trusted and cost-effective SSL Certificates enable your e-business to build customer confidence and increase sales by securing online transactions with virtually unbreakable encryption.

These SSL Certificates are fully validated; offer outstanding browser recognition; are available with one- and two-year validity; and are supported live, 24/7. Most important, our provider owns the trusted "root" in the browser, unlike some competing certificate providers.  For more detailed information on Web Server SSL Certificates click here.

Copyright protection

Preventing theft and plagiarism doesn’t have to be expensive. Our c-Site™ copyright-registration service provides a convenient and cost-effective way to stop the theft and plagiarism of original works of authorship.

In no time at all – and at small expense – you can register the federal copyright protection of the original material in question. Copyright registration then provides you with indisputable legal proof of ownership.  For more detailed information on Copyright Protection click here.

Privacy Protection

End users are always looking to protect their privacy and their sensitive information and shield them from bulk mail and prying eyes. StealthRay™'s versatile tools obliterate all traces of online activity. And Spam Xploder™ (included with your web hosting service) provides cutting-edge, flexible spam-filtering technology that can be used alongside most major e-mail clients.

These unique privacy-protection utilities protect your computers and online activities from tracking and intrusion – including annoying pop-up ads. This industry-leading spam-filtering technology lets you detect and intercept electronic bulk mail according to your personal preferences and definitions of spam.  For more detailed information on  StealthRay™ click here


Virtual Safety Deposit Box

Keep your important files bank-vault safe!  With Virtual Safe Deposit Box, you alone have access to your files thanks to password-protection and powerful, 128-bit encryption. Your backups are safe – we monitor and protect our servers 24/7. You can access your files, anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Managing your generous 50MB of storage space is a snap. For more detailed information on the Virtual Safety Deposit Box click here.

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